Natural Remedies For Cervical Cancer – Cause, Symptoms and Prevention

Natural Remedies For Cervical Cancer

Natural Remedies For Cervical CancerAbout 11% of the world has cervical cancer, and this type of cancer occurs when abnormalities of the cells that lines the cervix are found. The main cause of this cancer is said to be the human papillomavirus (HPV) which can be passed on sexually. Aside from that the precancerous cells are known to grow exponentially through time, but if the dysplasia (precancerous cells) were recognized earlier and taken out, the proliferation of the cancer cells can be stopped.


What Is The Root Of Cervical Cancer?


The most common factor is the infection due to the human papillomavirus, and aside from that other reasons why a woman can have this type of cancer are the following: abortion and incomplete pregnancies, having sexual intercourse before eighteen (as cervical trauma is more likely in teenagers than adults), and early pregnancy and childbearing, unprotected sex that can lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like HPV, HIV, and herpes in the genitalia. Infertility can be another factor that contribute to cervical cancer, so as smoking and nutritional deficiencies.


There Aren’t Many Symptoms Known For Cervical Cancer.


That’s why it is very important for women to gave their pelvic examinations regularly especially for those who are sexually active, and have pap smears. However, bleeding can be a sign of it, this could be bleeding during menstrual periods, and after intercourse. Heavy periods and dysmenorrhea can be signs as well, and even unusual discharges from the genitalia.
How can one detect these cancer cells? Pap smears can be extremely helpful as this test is done with a biopsy to see if there are abnormal cells found in the cervix. Sexually active women should have annual pelvic exams with pap tests for monitoring of dysplasia or for other health reasons.


Diet Can Help Your Health Journey


As it is an important factor that can prevent you from having cancer or other diseases. Having a low fatty diet (less pork and red meat products) and low carbohydrate diet (lesser cheese and white bread consumption) with a balance of soy rich products, fruits, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes (as it is rich in antioxidants), whole grains instead of white rice, and yogurt (for probiotics) can be a good diet plan to prevent yourself from having cervical cancer. They said that shitake mushroom is also a good ingredient for your meals.


If you aren’t fond of eating fruits and vegetables you can have some supplements instead. The daily required vitamin C intake ranges from 500-1,000mg, while the vitamins A, E, and beta-carotene have an approximate of 25,000-50,000 international units every day. While for folic acid that is a type of vitamin B requires only 400-800 micrograms for a daily consumption. These aren’t only preventive measures but also are said to alter the dysplasia in the cervix. Lastly, shark cartilage may aid in fighting these cancer cells or even stop the growth of cervical cancer.

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