Tips To Falling Asleep Faster – 10 Effective Techniques

tips to falling asleep faster

Tips To Falling Asleep Faster


Sleeping is an important factor in our daily lives  – we sleep to rejuvenate our bodies, we sleep to fill up the energy we lost the day before, we sleep to better our mood, and we sleep to help our cells improve and replenish.


Sadly, falling asleep can be difficult for some… It could be due to the amount of stress a person has or could be something else. But worry no more because in this article you will find out how to fall asleep faster than you have before.


Here are 10 tips to falling asleep faster (it’s also backed up with science so rest assured you are getting the best-proven information you will ever need).

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  • Change your atmospheric temperature




The body adjusts to your atmosphere from time to time, at the same time the body actually cools down whenever you lie down, and then it warms when you move and get up.


So, if you are in a humid area – your body would most likely have a hard time sleeping. This means that you have to lower your atmospheric temperature by turning on your trusty fan or the aircon.


In the end, it still varies upon your own preference. If your body prefers to sleep on an extremely cold environment then go for it. If not, then listen to what your body wants.




  • Try the 4-7-8 breathing method 




I honestly do this breathing method to make me fall asleep easier – this is effective because this breathing method can help promote calmness into your body.


Based on studies, it was inspired by different yoga techniques which helps relax your nervous system. At the same time, you are assured that you can also use this method when you are feeling stressed out or when anxiety knocks on the door.


So, how can you do the 4-7-8 breathing method?

When trying to do this breathing technique you will have to focus on the following:


  • Release the air from your lungs.
  • Breathe in through your nose for exactly 4 seconds.
  • Hold your breath afterward for 7 seconds.
  • This time, exhale through your mouth for exactly 8 seconds.
  • To obtain the best results repeat the process four times.




  • Follow a sleeping schedule




This can be difficult especially for those who work on different shifts. But, trying to incorporate a daily schedule for when you will sleep can help you fall asleep faster because your body adjusts easier to routine things.


That is why waking up and sleeping at the same time of the day can give your internal body clock a regular schedule. Aside from sleeping faster, you will also wake up faster which limits your stress and lets you relax better.




  • Turn off the lights




Exposing yourself with some light while trying to fall asleep would be difficult – it is because light can deeply affect your internal body clock (the one that controls your sleep and wakefulness).


This is why sleeping with your lights off every time gives your body a chance to relax and can promote sleepiness. At the same time, studies show that melatonin levels (the hormone responsible for sleeping)  are increased in darkness compared to when there is light around you.




  • Wear some socks to bed




Research proves that having warm feet can help improve sleeping and promote rapid sleep.


During the study, the test subjects were asked to put a hot water bottle at their feet (this lead to widen their blood vessels – shifting the blood flow from the core to extremities) and after a while this lead to cool down the body which increased the melatonin levels of the body.


This is why having some socks to bed can help your body feel warm which means it would cool down later on and viola – sleep would be possible.




  • Calm your mind




Another tip would be to calm your mind. It is because when you are stressed, anxious or mentally disturbed then you will surely have a hard time falling asleep.



That is why doing some yoga, meditation, brain dump, and mindfulness can help you calm your mind and relax your body. But how do these things contribute to a night of better and faster sleep?


  • Yoga – promotes breathing patterns and movements that ease the accumulated tension found in your body. At the same time, it also helps you release unwanted stress that can lead to a better mental health situation and mind.


  • Meditation – another mind exercise is meditation. It is also believed to increase the melatonin levels in your body and helps your brain attain a specific state wherein easier sleep is accomplished.



  • Brain Dump – writing down your thoughts also can help you relax your mind and clear it of unwanted thoughts. You can do this by either writing your thoughts on a piece of paper before you sleep or by typing out your thoughts through your phone or your personal computer.




  • Mindfulness – an addition to meditation it is also advised for you to be mindful of everything your think – this also helps you identify which things are you extremely concerned about or which thoughts make you happy most.





  •  Avoid taking naps on the day or afternoon.




Some people enjoy napping in the day or afternoon as it relaxes them or makes them more productive in the evening. Sadly this isn’t advised if you are someone looking for ways to sleep faster at night.


This is because naps in short periods of time have been associated with better well-being and it also makes you more alert through time. Most studies say that having regular naps that are more than an hour or two can lead to a poor nighttime sleep quality which sometimes results in sleep deprivation.


So, if you are someone who is wanting to sleep faster at night, try to limit your daily morning or afternoon naps and try to sleep more at night.




  • Be mindful of what you are eating.




Some studies show that there are people who sleep better when they eat high-fat meals versus people who have high carb meals. This is because even if a high carb diet can help you sleep faster – this usually ends up with your having a restless sleep.


That is why, if you want to have a more restful and quality sleep, try to switch and have some high-fat meal for dinner. But, if you prefer having high carb meals for your supper then at least have it four hours before your bedtime so that your tummy have more time to digest the said food.




  • Play some calm music. 




According to experts, playing some calm music around you while trying to sleep can help you rid of your insomnia and even better your quality of sleep.


Relaxing music is also known as sedative music since it is said to improve deeper sleep amongst people who were tested on this hypothesis. Aside from that, you can also listen to Buddhist music since this type of music was created to help monks attain better meditation.


If you don’t have any of this music around you or it isn’t available then having no noise around you can also assist you in falling asleep quicker and even improve deep deeper sleep.




  • Comfort is key




Well, being all comfortable with your surroundings together with your nighttime outfits can contribute to a night of better sleep. This is because it will help you relax better –  so having a comfortable mattress, bedding, and pillow can lead to a night of deeper and fulfilling sleep.


In addition to that information, your pillow is another important factor that contributes to your sleeping habits. This is due to the fact that the pillow can affect your temperature, neck curve, and comfort. So, if you could get hold of a feather, memory foam, or orthopedic pillows for your bed – then you will never regret it.


Besides that, your blanked also can lessen your stress and promote better sleep. Also, your clothing can give you a comfortable temperature all night which is another factor that is important when you want to try to sleep faster.



In summary, your body and environment can definitely affect the way your sleep goes. That is why having trouble sleeping is a normal thing but you can certainly avoid that if you follow any of the tips above.


I hope you get the better and quality sleep you have been aiming for. Wishing you all the best and God Bless you.



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