Water Fasting And Benefits You Need To Know


Water Fasting And Benefits


Water Fasting has been a custom that has been here for thousands of years. It was used mainly in cultural and religious practices. It is also a common remedy for combatting health problems like swelling, heart problems and glucose elevation, and a whole lot more. Today, there is a wave of water fasting across the world, especially online.


So you wonder how effective water fasting is, how this simple custom can help. In this article, we will understand more about water fasting, its advantages, dangers, and how it is done the right way.

What is Water Fasting? 


Water fasting is also known as water dieting, in this type of fast, drinking water for a certain period is done. This is usually done for 24-72 hours and abstinence from food is highly recommended during the fast which is for most diets as well. Many people are doing water fasting for many reasons. It is mostly done in religious practices in order to build one’s faith. It is also used in medical preparation for different procedures that include physical tests and certain blood issues. Likewise, many health benefits are connected to water fasting. It helps in reducing swelling, losing weight, control glucose levels, improve heart condition, promotes anti-ageing.

What is the best way to do Water Fasting?

water fasting and benefits


How can you do the correct way of water fasting? And are you able to drink water during the said fast? As its name suggests, water fasting is the abstinence from foods and certain drinks and more on drinking just plain water.


This fast is usually short and can last from 24-72 hours. Doctors supervision is advised for prolonged water fasting. When doing fasting, you should attend to your body more. Doing heavy activities should be avoided as they can cause nausea and fatigue, but simple ones can be done.


In order for you to be well-hydrated, you should drink lots of fluids. It is necessary to drink 11-16 cups this is the best for your daily intake. When finishing the water fast, you should end it in the proper way. By starting with a light simple meal or snack that is easily digestible like clear broth, some veggies, and mixed salad. You can add foods slowly and incorporate them again into your diet

What are the benefits of Water Fasting?


Fasting can be a way to help you improve your overall health wellness. Here are some benefits of Water  Fasting:



  • Controlling Blood Sugar – one advantage of water fasting includes its ability to help you control your blood sugar levels while on this fast. Studies have shown that people who undergo water fast can decrease their blood sugar levels up to 12%. 



Note: if you are a diabetic, it is best to ask your health care professional about this before doing any type of fast.



  • Aids in Weight Loss – another advantage of doing the water fast is weight loss. This is because of the fact that you won’t be eating anything during the fast and having water alone can also help improve your metabolism which is one of the factors that contribute to weight loss. 




  • Promotes Cell Regeneration – research proves that doing a water fast can also promote cell regeneration within your body – this helps improve the efficacy of your tissues and helps prevent the risks of cancer, diabetes, and even neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. 




  • Improves your Heart’s Health – since water is a proven heart improver – studies show that anyone who does a water fast can also promote the health of their heart and even alleviate high blood pressure.




  • Decreasing inflammation tendencies – another good thing about water fasting is that it helps lessen the tendencies of having any inflammation in the body. 


What are the disadvantages of Water Fasting?


Just like any other fast – water fasting has its own fair share of dangers as well. This includes limitations such as it isn’t best for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their babies. It is also not best for people with eating disorders. Aside from that, another danger of water fasting includes its potential to increase the amount of uric acid found in your gout.


People with diabetes are also encouraged to ask their primary physician first before doing any kind of fast. This is due to the abrupt changing in glucose levels that occur when you only have water in your diet.


To add to all of those, there are also side effects that are usually experienced by people who have tried the water fasting. It includes common nausea, dizziness, muscle aches, and even weakness and fatigue. Sometimes, dehydration is also possible with water fasting (ironically).so don’t forget to drink your water whenever you do this fast.


Lastly, it is also discouraged to do this diet for more than a week. This is because following a water fast more than that advisable period of time can lead to adverse effects that isn’t the best.

Who needs water fasting?

water fasting health benefits.



Anyone can do the water fasting – whether you are a teenager or an adult. Just keep in mind if you have any serious medical condition – you must contact your doctor before doing any fast. Also, if you are someone who wants to lose weight fast and shed off some water weight, then this type of fasting can help you on that as well.

Tips for Water Fasting: The Need To Know


Once you have decided to do this fast you need to take note of the following:


  1. Always stay hydrated – you need to stay hydrated during this fast because you won’t be having anything else aside from the water. You must also remember to keep drinking it so that you will prevent any risks of dehydration and other adverse effects that come with it.
  2. Don’t exercise too much – since you won’t be able to get all the nutrients you will get during this fast –  it isn’t advisable for you to perform too much exercise while on it. Instead, you are advised to do low-intensity workouts that won’t strain your muscles much while on this plan.
  3. End your fast properly – it can be exciting to eat all you want after a good days of fasting. However, it is also not advisable for you to do any of that because doing so would end up with you fully bloated and an overloaded digestive tract. Just have a small easy to absorb and digest meal – then you can go eat a little more after that.


The Bottomline



Since you will be having an all-water fast, this means that you will be restricting yourself from all the food and even drinks while on this fast. This can be advantageous especially for those who want to lose some water weight with only a short period of time.


Aside from that, there are also other benefits associated with the water fast – including improved heart health, promotes cell regeneration, and lessens the tendencies of any inflammation. Take note that if you have any medical condition it is still best to consult your doctor before doing this.


Anyway – that is it for water fasting and the benefits it gives. Hope you learn a thing or two from this. God bless.


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