What Is The Best Low Carb Diets


What Is The Best Low Carb Diet


Finding the most suitable low carb diet can be exhausting – it’s because you don’t know which are the ones that truly matches your body. Furthermore, the wide array of diets available on the market right now makes it more difficult to choose.


But – relax, because in this article we will talk about the different kinds of low carb diet and help you realize which is the one for you…


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What Is A Low Carb Diet? 



To get rid of carbohydrates and sugary foods is the goal of every low carb diet plan. This is to ensure anyone who wants to try out these diets that they will achieve their weight and health goals with the help of these diet programs.


If you are bothered with the idea of not having any carbs into your diet – don’t worry because you can still incorporate some carbs in your meals but only in small amounts.


There are also endless of choices you can pick from, giving you the freedom to certainly choose and try out which plan would work best for your body. Since we all know that everyone have different body types, it also mean that not everything that works for someone would work for another. So, it’s always necessary to try things out before fully committing into it.



Why Should You Follow A Low Carb Diet? 



Doing the low carb diet can bring so many health benefits from better glucose levels to improved blood pressures. Aside from that, there are many who have used a specific low carb diet plan to shed off some unwanted weight.


There are also some who used this diet plan to get rid of their disordered eating, while others manage their stress better with this diet plan. This tells us that following the low carb diet is worth to follow and invest to.

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What Are The Different Types Of Low Carb Diet? 



If you have finally realized to try the low carb diet plan – here are some common types of low carb diet that you can choose from:

The Basic Low-Carb Diet


It’s as simple as it sounds – you just have to restrict yourself from eating carbohydrates and add more protein to your diet. You can do this by focusing on having meals with the meat of your choice, some protein-rich vegetables, and more “good” fats. While on this diet, you must limit your grains, starchy foods, and junk foods. In terms of fruits, you can still have some, but, you need to make sure that it’s low-carb like avocados and berries.

Pros And Cons of the Basic Low Carb Diet




  1. Gain more muscle – what’s beneficial about the low carb diet is the way you gain more muscle and build more of it while on the diet.
  2. Manageable weight loss – another thing that is great about the low carb diet plan is the way you get to lose weight conveniently and manageably.




  1. Lack of fiber – one disadvantage of the low carb diet includes how you get little to no fiber in this diet plan. It is because you will be having more protein and fat instead of fruits that are rich of fiber.



The Ketogenic Diet



Ever heard this diet? Well, it’s because this became one of the most popular diets in the 2020s. The keto diet became famous because of the number of positive reviews from people all over the world who have tried this diet out. Aside from that, it also promotes a scientific way to lose weight as it uses a metabolic process called “ketosis” in order to help you lose unwanted weight.


Pros And Cons of the Ketogenic Diet




  1. Fights different sicknesses – what’s beneficial about the keto diet includes it ability to help treat different diseases such as diabetes, mental illneses and even Alzheimer’s.




  1. It can be strict – one disadvantage of the keto diet is its rules. When you plan to do this type of diet you will have to follow a specific regimen that you should do while on the diet plan.



The LCHF Diet



Have any idea what does LCHF stands for? Actually, this is the acronym for the “Low-Carb, High Fat” diet that promotes eating unprocessed foods that are high in fat. It includes intake of meats, shellfish, fish, eggs, healthy fats, dairy, nuts, and berries.


Pros And Cons of the LCHF Diet




  1. Reduce hunger – one good thing about eating high fat and protein rich foods mean that you will be able to reduce your hunger and cravings which lets you avoid overeating.




  1. Too much fats – one disadvantage of the LCHF diet includes the too much fat consumption that may lead to serious health issues. So, be cautious and consult your primary physician with your fat intake if you plan to try this diet out.



The Paleo Diet



Many of the experts say that the Paleo Diet is another form of low carb diet even if it’s definition doesn’t call for it. This is due to the fact that this diet restricts the intake of processed foods, unnecessary sugars, grains, dairy, and nuts. Giving people only the option to have protein-rich foods like meat, seafood, eggs, and seed on their diets.


Pros And Cons of the Paleo Diet




  1. Potassium rich diet – what’s beneficial about the paleo diet is the amount of potassium you get because of the fruits and vegetables incorporated in this diet.


  1. No more processed foods – another thing that is great about the paleo diet or also known as the caveman diet – is the elimination of all processed foods in your diet. This gives your body a healthier version of itself and improved glucose levels.




  1. Lack of nutrients – one disadvantage of the paleo diet includes the lack of nutrients this diet has. Once you try out this diet you will face the lack of fiber, magnesium, selenium, calcium, and many more.



The Atkins Diet



Next to the popularity of the Keto Diet is the Atkins Diet. This type of low carb diet works with having fewer carbs and more protein and fats as wanted. What’s unique about this diet is that it specifically lets you divide your diet into four phases (introduction, balancing, fine-tuning, and maintenance).


Pros And Cons of the Atkins Diet




  1. Hearty meals – if you are someone who loves hearty meals like having burgers and steaks – then the atkins diet would be the one for you. In this diet you will be able to get all the protein and fats you need to easily burn some unwanted fats.




  1. Health risks – a disadvantage of the atkins diet include the health risks and deficiencies you will encounter because of this diet. So, if you have reccuring health problems it is always best to seek medical advice before doing any diet plan.



The Zero Carb Diet



For this type of diet, you will simply have to erase all carbohydrates from your diet for a specific amount of time. There are people who have done this diet for about year and said to have stayed in good health condition despite that. However, this diet isn’t the best because it lacks some necessary nutrients like vitamin C and fiber.


Pros And Cons of the Zero Carb Diet




  1. Reduces your blood sugar levels – an advantage of the zero carb diet is the way it reduces your blood sugar levels because of the zero intake of carbohydrates and sugary foods.




  1. Low metabolism – one disadvantage of the zero carb diet is its low metabolism side effects.This is a downside because it affects your bowel regularity that can lead to discomfort and even constipation.

The Bottomline



Anyone who is curious about the low carb diet can do and follow any of the low carb diet plans discussed above. So, what is the best low carb diet amongst all of the diets we have talked about?

For me the best low carb diet would be anything that would suit your body type the best. T


hat’s why you should know first what your body wants, needs, and prefers before taking or dooing any diet plan such as any of these low carb diets. Once again it is always advised to ask your primary physician for their thoughts about your chosen diet plan before starting it.


Would love to know your thoughts about these low carb diets and what do you think is the best among all of these…


Wishing you all the best and God bless you!



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