How Oxygen Kills All Germs & Diseases


You maybe shocked about this discovery but a lot of people get sick nowadays because of the lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen causes the production of germs and bacteria. While the bright side is that the more oxygen the less bacteria and germs were produced. The lack of oxygen will lead to diseases and illness, but the more oxygen we have the more we are illness free.

According to the research the air we breath is just 21% of oxygen, but study shows that the cities we’re living in was less than 10% of oxygen. This results that a lot

of people were getting sick each now and then because of the pollution of the surroundings, imagine the land pollution, the water pollution. The lesser the oxygen in a place the more germs there is and if germs and bacterias are present then there is an illnesses and diseases.

Why is it that germs cannot exist if oxygen is so high in a particular environment? The answer would be “because the oxygen literally burns the bacterias and germs”.

We only know a few things and just a hint of this amazing discovery, but I know someone who is an expert in this. He is Kevin Richardson, a independent natural health expert.

He tells us about oxygen therapy. How it must be administered to our bodies. It’s not only by taking it to the lungs and bloodstream, but it is taking it directly to the cells which kills every bad bacteria we have that could cause illnesses.

Oxygen therapy, in order for it to be effective must be taken with the consultation of an expert otherwise the therapy will fail. If you want to get back your health and prevent future illness you can come to this page and visit us.

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