Cure for All Disease? Try Oxygen Therapy And Experience The Benefits


Cure for All DiseaseThe oxygen therapy was discovered by several people nowadays to treat ailments and diseases. The question, is it the cure for all disease? It is said that it has a positive effect in the lives of people. This therapy is much more effective when used properly and correctly in certain ailments.

What Is Oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy was introduced to provide and give oxygen to the body. The application of oxygen into the body depends on the prescription of the doctors. This could

be breathed in from a metal cylinder through a tube or it could be inhaled through mask, a nasal cannula it is a plastic tube inserted into the nostrils or a tracheostomy a breathing tube placed within a surgically inserted hole in the neck.

Also, Oxygen could be applied through ozone and hydrogen peroxide we also have the hyperbaric oxygen therapy were a person is place in a pressurized chamber that contains pure oxygen. It is said that hyperbaric oxygen therapy could heal serious wounds and treats severe infections it is because the pressure inside allows the oxygen to infiltrate all the tissues of the body.

Oxygen is considered to be a medication as it is sold for such treatments, this means that in order for you to obtain this you must have a prescription.

What Diseases May Oxygen Treat?

A body that contains high level of oxygen causes the inability of bacteria, viruses , germs and other harmful substance to attack the body immune system.It comes up that oxygen therapy is such a brilliant idea to cure ailments and a cure for all disease.

Cancer: Dr. Otto Warburg a Nobel Prize winner have discovered that in oxygen-rich environment, cancerous cells cannot survive.


  • Respiratory diseases: Lung problems and ailment could often be treated by oxygen therapy.
  • Heart Problems- The heart muscles will not have a spasms due to increased oxygen.
  • Bacterial issues- Oxygen therapy can treat e coli and other kinds of bacteria’s that is harmful to the body.
  • Viral issues- Oxygen therapy has high potential in curing Aids, flu, hepatitis and other serious illness caused by viruses.
  • Fungal infection- Ozone and hydrogen peroxide can treat candida albicans a common fungus.
  • Parasites- Malaria and other diseases could be treated by oxygen therapy.


This treatment helps the health of people, further study and research shows that this oxygen therapy has an important ingredient of treatment that would cure the most dangerous diseases around the world.

There are different kinds of application of oxygen in the body , they come in many liquid supplements that produced oxygen within the body. As what I have mentioned

above. The most powerful method in getting oxygen inside the body is getting the element or the oxygen right inside each cells.

The purpose of putting the oxygen right into cells is to help on sustaining mineral directly in tissues, blood and cells.

Oxygenation is a fundamental belief of alternative healing, and products like OXY SOLUTION are superior in this category.

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