The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Your Health

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapyHyperbaric oxygen therapy is used by medical professionals for cosmetics and medical purposes, this therapy use a cylinder made of glass and contains a 100% oxygen in it with pressure greater than the normal sea level or atmospheric pressure. A patient is place within the cylinder to absorb all the oxygen inside. The normal patient is placed within a cylinder that contains 1-3 atmosphere within the time range 90-120 minutes. However this therapy varies to the needs of the patient, the more he needs oxygen the more he must spend time in the cylinder with higher atmospheric pressure.

How Can This Therapy Provide Benefits For Your Health?

1. Strengthen The Immune System

Some people nowadays have low immune system which lessens their capabilities to go out, be with people and enjoy life. They tried to avoid things and places that may potentially contract them with disease. Doctors will prescribed antibiotics for this problems, but antibiotics may not be that effective for those who uses them now and then because bacteria treated by this will be immune and needs a higher dosage which means, using antibiotics all the time for weak immune system may not be a wise idea.

Don”t worry there is always a way into solving one’s problem, I thereby recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy for those who have low immune system. This therapy pump oxygen into the blood of the patients with higher pressure compared to normal atmospheric pressure. This will help the increase of white blood cells which are responsible in protecting you from diseases. It also produces antioxidants which fortify the immune system and other organs in the body. With this therapy it can help you getting high immune system which allows you to enjoy life without worrying whether or not you have contacted with simple diseases.

2. Improving stroke related injuries

Stroke is the temporary paralysis and the loss of certain bodily functions when untreated properly this will result into become permanent. stroke occurs when there is an occlusion of one of the blood vessels connected to the brain which limits the supply of oxygen needed by the brain.

Stroke can be treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The therapy will help produce oxygen on blood vessels that is connected to the brain, the brain will recover from getting less oxygen and will enjoy the enough amount needed for brain functioning.

3. Increase Healing Rate

50% of healing rate was discovered by people who uses this therapy, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the healing rate. This is good for athletes and those people whose work can cause lot of injuries. It is said to be that in using this therapy, wounds, fractures and diseases could be healed in a short period of time without spending too much time of waiting, no hassle.

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