Seven Benefits Oxygen Therapy


Seven Benefits Oxygen TherapyOxygen is important to the cells in your body, it is necessary for human life. Oxygen enables the cells to make energy, without it mankind cannot survive. It serves as the fuel of your body to make it function. Oxygen Therapy is a procedure that includes administering supplemental oxygen to people who are unable to receive enough oxygen by natural respiration. The lungs absorb sufficient amounts of oxygen from daily air in healthy persons. Oxygen intake is limited in people affected by certain diseases and conditions, and adequate or supplemental oxygen might be required.

People who cannot get enough oxygen on their own are prescribed by their doctors to have oxygen therapy. They are people who are suffering from: • Asthma • Pneumonia • Heart failure • Lung disease • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or the COPD • Trauma to the respiratory system • And etc.

Oxygen therapy is a great alternative treatment when you have the mentioned complications above that provides you extra oxygen than usual. Here the seven benefits of oxygen therapy.

  1. Makes exercise more tolerable Exercise is indispensible for acceptable wellbeing and is a fundamental piece of physical wellness. But with people who have medical problems, exercise can be a cumbersome activity to perform. Oxygen therapy offers an approach to make exercise less hard for patient with pneumonic diseases. Physical action is significantly aggressive, nevertheless oxygen therapy will help a person perform exercises for a healthy life too.
  2. Improves sleeping Sleep is the time we can recharge our body. It lets our organs rest as well. Sleep deprivation is very irritating. You wake up not having the rest that you needed to have. Your day will be none the less affected because of lack of sleep. Poor sleep can result to weight gain on the other hand; getting a good sleep can improve one’s productivity and concentration and can also maximize your athletic and mental performance. Oxygen therapy helps you get enough oxygen for your body to feel relaxed while at sleep.
  3. Fewer days of hospitalization Getting hospitalized can be very hassle. Hassle physically, emotionally and most especially financially. Being hospitalized for a long period affects your routine and the things you do in work or maybe at home. Doctors are not there 24/7 to attend to you. Having oxygen therapy lessen the risk for you to stay longer at the hospital. It can ease the symptoms that you are feeling. Oxygen therapy will not require you to invest excessively in emotional, physical and financial aspect.
  4. Improves quality of life No person would want to just let their dreams remain just dreams. You have desires to do things that would give pleasure and satisfaction to yourself. Improved quality life has a big impact on one’s mental well-being. Improved quality life makes a person more productive. An improved quality life results to high level of efficiency and life satisfaction. Oxygen therapy gives you healthy, comfortable and allows you to participate in or enjoy life events you wouldn’t want to miss.
  5. Deactivates toxins and poisons You surely do clean your houses to remove dirt and dust. The same thing oxygen therapy will do in your body. To deactivate toxins and poisons cleanses your body; it neutralizes the toxins or the unneeded chemicals. The toxins hold onto cells that disables the organs to function on their normal duty. Storing toxins in the body can lead to other serious health problem such as kidney failure and liver failure.
  6. Enhances wound healing Oftentimes you got bruises in your body that makes you wonder why they were not yet healing. One factor that affects that is low oxygen level in the body. Oxygen therapy can enhance the wound healing. It is because oxygen stimulates healing or growth of new tissue and bone that also acts to kill bacteria.
  7. Makes easier to do daily chores Everything is much easier having a healthy respiratory system. But with people who needed oxygen therapy, it makes you do household chores smoothly and comfortably. It gives you sense of accomplishment and has the ability to lower nervousness level. Oxygen therapy has way more benefits for everyone. Considering oxygen therapy can help people who are having serious respiratory illnesses live a normal life.

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