15 Minute Weight Loss Review – My Honest Review

15 minute weight loss review

15 Minute Weight Loss Review – My Honest Review


Are you trying to lose some weight but couldn’t find anything that would help you shed some fats? Well, this 15-minute weight-loss hack can help you solve this problem. 

What is the “15-Minute Weight Loss” Hack? 

This was the brainchild of Anthony Swailes, a known hypnotherapist, where he compiled a series of audio tracks that made use of Cymatics – which taps subliminal messages into your brain to promote weight loss.

Who is Anthony Swailes?


Swailes practiced hypnotherapy after he studied in the Academy of Hypnotic Science. And as a former soccer player, he first tested learnings when he helped out soccer players better their game performance with the use of hypnotherapy.

Later on, he diverted his attention and decided to help out people who wanted to lose weight – this led to the start of his “hypnotic weight-loss” program.

How to Get Started


Before you get started with the 15-minute weight loss program of Anthony Swailes, you should take note and keep in mind these three rules:

Rule #1 – Believe that your subconscious mind promotes weight loss, not diet or exercise.

Based on research, the nervous system controls hormone productions and metabolism. This tells us that the subconscious mind can help in weight loss by limiting the amount of fat-accumulating hormones.

Rule #2: Your brain waves must be in sync. 

For you to lose some weight, your mind must go into a theta state. However, it is hard for your brain waves to go into that state. Thankfully, with Cymatics (the study of sound and vibration), you can get your brain waves in sync to be in theta state without having to meditate intensely for years.

Rule #3: Never give up until you see results.

Doing this hack for just one or two sessions won’t help you get amazing results due to the stubbornness of the mind. But with Swailes’s discovery, you can change the way your consciousness thinks and make it permanents within three weeks of training.

The most important rule: You can’t exercise when listening to any of these audio tracks, or for an entire 15 minutes.

Please take note that you are not allowed to listen to any of the tracks when working out.

Once subscribed to Swailes’ 15-minute weight loss program you will have access to the following freebies with no additional costs:

  1. “Deep Sleep Now” – This bonus is a set of 15-minute subliminal audio tracks to help you get a good sleep at night and energize you when you get up from the bed.
  2. “Look Great at Any Weight” – With this freebie audio set, you can feel and look attractive instantly while trying to lose some weight.
  3. “Look Younger Now” – Your stress levels will lessen with the help of this bonus track. Listen to this, and condition your mind to conquer stress and aging.


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The Pros and Cons of the 15-minute weight loss program of Anthony Swailes


The Pros


It is Proven


Studies show that hypnotherapy can help promote weight loss. There is even research that states it might be more efficient than both exercise and diet alone.

According to a study by the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, hypnotherapy, was one of the measures used to help sixty obese patients with sleep apnea control their weight. These patients were divided into three groups and given different ways to manage their weight. The first group was exposed to hypnotherapy to help reduce their food intake. The next one used hypnotherapy to control their stress. And, the last group were hypnosis-free. After three months, only those from the second group lost weight continually.

The Journal of Clinical Psychology also conducted a study involving 109 participants who were under a behavioral treatment to help them control and manage their weight. During the research, a group was studied with hypnosis, while another without it.  Later on, they discovered that the first group lost weight more than the latter.


It’s an Easy Way to Lose Some Pounds


Both exercise and diet are known as the best ways to lose weight. Sadly, they aren’t for all. So, if you don’t want to do either, then the 15-minute weight loss program would be the one for you.


It Saves you Time 


Since you will only need fifteen minutes to spare to do the program, you will surely save a lot of time. With this method, you have the freedom whenever you want to do this, or anywhere you plan to listen to it.


It’s Cheaper Than Others


Swailes’ 15-minute weight loss program is way cheaper than other programs. It also costs less than other hypnotherapy sessions with Swailes and other hypnotherapists. Based on research, the average fee of hypnotherapists costs around $75 to $125 per session, while this program costs less than $50.


60-Day Full Refund Guarantee


Another perk of this program is its 60-day full refund guarantee that lets you try out the course within that timespan. And if it doesn’t work for you – you can ask Swailes’ team for a full refund.


The Cons


No Assurance You’ll Lose a Lot of Weight


The brain works differently at different times – that’s why you will not experience the same results as you did when you first listened to the tracks.

Make sure to follow the instructions and do it for about 21 days and check if it’s working for you. Also, always remember that consistency will help you get better results in time, so try to be as consistent as possible.


It’s Self-Learning


This type of program aims for its users to learn the process on their own, this means that you won’t have any hypnotherapist around while doing the course. But, whenever you have concerns about the program,  you can always reach out to his team or send Swailes an email yourself.


It’s Available Anytime, Anywhere. 


The 15-minute weight-loss hack of Swailes is readily available on the internet which means that after you pay for the program, you can easily download it anytime to any device that is compatible with the software.


The Bottom Line


To sum it up, the 15-minute weight loss program by Anthony Swailes can help better your weight-loss journey. However, it only assists you by changing how your subconsciousness thinks about food. While it can influence your eating habits – it is advised to do it with a proper diet and exercise to lose weight faster.

In conclusion, this method doesn’t work just by itself, so if you aren’t a fan of consistency and routines – then, this program isn’t for you. On the other note, if you want to try something to help you manage your weight-loss journey, you can give this a try.

Also, since the company offers a full money-back guarantee, it lessens your risk and lets you try out the program for a few weeks before deciding if it works for you. So, that is it for the 15-minute weight loss review.

Surely hope this article helps you think further if this is the best for you or not.

We wish you all the best 🙂


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15 Minute Weight Loss






Overall Quality



  • It is Proven
  • It’s an Easy Way to Lose Some Pounds
  • It Saves you Time


  • No Assurance You’ll Lose a Lot of Weight
  • It’s Self-Learning
  • It’s Available Anytime, Anywhere.

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